Querer es Poder: Little Words Project's Hispanic Heritage Celebration

Hola Nice Nation!

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month. This month, we are celebrating hispanic culture and how it became the foundation of Little Words Project. Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated from September 15th through October 15th celebrates the contributions of Latinx cultures that make up America. 

Our founder, Adriana Carrig, started this company with one phrase in mind - “Querer es Poder”-  if you want it, you can achieve it. As a Mexican woman, Adriana’s mother encouraged Adriana regularly with this phrase. Not only did she use it as the opening line for her college essays, but Adriana also made it a mural in our Little Words Project HQ AND our new retail store in Miami, FL. It lives in these spaces as inspiration to everyone to remain tenacious, compassionate, kind, and committed to our dreams. 

“My mother taught me this piece of wisdom from a very young age. She is a firm believer in reaching for your dreams, no matter how big or small they may seem. I started “Little Words Project” in my parents’ basement with a dream to inspire self-love, kindness, and collaboration in others. Throughout all of the incredible growth and milestones we’ve achieved over the past decade, I’ve never stopped believing in my ability to realize my dreams. Always remember, “Querer Es Poder.” Your potential is far greater than your self-limitations. Keep dreaming, keep doing, keep believing—because it works. Take this Little Words Project store as proof!” - Adriana Carrig, Founder & CEO

To honor Adriana’s mamá, and to celebrate and acknowledge the hard-won pursuits of Hispanic and Latinx people, we have created a “querer es poder” online exclusive bracelet available only during Hispanic Heritage Month.