Celebrate Fall with Renewal: The Healing Power of the Renewal Collection

Hi Nice Nation!

Fall is here. Slow your roll. Go inward. Find joy in the little things. Now is all that matters. The rest is just noise.
Introducing, the Renewal Collection—healing words designed to protect your energy.
This fall we are focusing on all things self-care. Our new renewal collection is the neutral touch that your stack needs. We have refreshed our core words that we live by with our new crystals. These beaded bracelets are the perfect reminder to stop and take in your surroundings, appreciate yourself, your space, and the world around you.

Slow your roll. Go inward. Breathe deeply.
Make your mind a comfy place to be.
You Matter
Reminder: Nobody shows up in the world the same way you do.
Own that.
Day By Day
Take a brief mental vacation from your to-do list. Look around. Soak in the day.
There won’t be another one like it.
Be Here Now
Future-tripping is overrated. Look down at your wrist. Take a healing breath in.
Be here in this moment.
You Have Time
What’s the rush? The best stuff takes time.
Remember that every time you look down at your wrist.
Focus on the things that light you up.
All the other stuff is just noise.
Be You
PSA: You are limited edition.
Just like this bracelet. 
Know Your Worth PSA: Your worth is yours to define.