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Join the kindness revolution.

Connect Your Bracelet

Connect Your Bracelet

to access our exclusive online Nice Nation Community.

Enjoy early access perks, behind the scenes from LWP, and connect with others!


How It Works:

Wear your word to lift you up, then pass it on.
CONNECT to our community with your Word's unique ID tag
LIVE by your Word's meaning each day
GIVE your Word to someone else who needs it more

Why Should I connect My Little Words Project® Bracelet?

Little Words Project® bracelets are more than jewelry—they represent much-needed kindness and encouragement made for wearing and sharing. Whether you select one of our best selling beaded bracelets or create a custom design, each serves as a meaningful reminder to honor yourself and others. Use your Little Words Project® Bracelet to lift you up, then pass it on to someone who needs it more.

Connecting your bracelet lets you follow its journey as it travels from person to person over time. Your Little Word®  can make such a difference in the world. Connecting your bracelet also grants you access to our exclusive Nice Nation online community, where you can chat with other Little Words Project fans and our HQ team! We'll be offering this group early access, special perks, and an inside look to upcoming brand launches and events. 

How Do I Connect My Little Words Project® Bracelet?

Connecting your Little Words Project® bracelets is simple. Just fill out the form on our website page, enter your Word's unique code on the charm tag, and describe what your Word means to you. Once you submit the form, you'll receive an invitation to our exclusive Nice Nation online community!