Introducing the New and Trending collection which always features the latest and greatest beaded bracelets. We’re reimagining classic designs in new colors and patterns with more words to inspire you. We’re also highlighting our custom friendship bracelets so you can combine gorgeous beads and one-of-a-kind messages.

Our beaded bracelet lineup is constantly evolving, so you’re sure to find something new or rediscover an old favorite. Start with “You Got This in Alpine, with delicate clear and violet crystals and gold accents for a subtle, yet eye-catching statement piece. Brighten your day with “Be Happy from our Lucky Symbols collection. The smiley face beads and rainbow accents are instant mood-boosters.

Don’t forget to connect your bracelet! Connecting your Little Words Project® bracelets is simple. Just fill out the form on our website page, enter your Word's unique code on the charm tag, and describe what your Word means to you. Once you submit the form, you'll receive an invitation to our exclusive Nice Nation online community!