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To Be Kind

Little Words Project® aims to inspire and encourage people to be kind to themselves and to pay that kindness forward, one bracelet at a time.


I started Little Words Project® with the intention of creating a brand that served a greater purpose beyond selling bracelets. I sought out to build a community that represents some simple truths of mine:

-Kindness. Above all else, always be kind to yourself and to others. Just one kind word can change everything for the better.  

-Self-Love. The words you tell yourself matter. Love yourself first, and then pass it on to keep it going.

-Collaboration. The real magic happens when people come together. Collaboration wins over competition—always.

-Authenticity. Being yourself brings out your best self. Don’t be afraid to own your unique story and share it with the world.  

-Inclusivity. Every single one of us deserves to be treated with kindness, no matter what.

While we’ve experienced so much growth over the years, these beliefs have remained as true as ever. I hope your Little Word® brings you all the positivity and love that you  bring to us.

Adriana Carrig, Founder & CEO

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How It Works

Wear your bracelet to lift you up, then pass it on.

Your Word via the code on your bracelet's charm tag

To promote self love and mental wellness.

With someone who needs it more, then track it