When you’re accessorizing for the day, every detail counts. That’s why we’ve created beaded bracelets with uplifting messages that remind you what matters. We’re here for the important things—like family and friendship—and ready to make you smile on tough days. Just think about the energy you need for yourself and what you want to share with the world. Whether it’s the encouragement to keep going in trying times or a nudge to be your radiant self, there’s a word waiting for you.

Find inspiration among our bestselling friendship bracelets or make an impact on behalf of a meaningful cause. Our bracelets also make gorgeous bridal gifts for everyone who made your trip down the aisle possible. Themed stacks can be worn separately as gentle reminders to yourself or a loved one or worn at once for an even more powerful dose of support.

Have a unique idea in mind? We love that for you and are ready to make it happen. Our selection of custom bracelets is made to showcase your personal message. Buy one as a personal keepsake or a bunch for friends and family to commemorate a special day. Just choose your favorite bead type and a message up to 13 characters.

What makes Little Words Project bracelets so special is the tracking tag on each one. Register your word online to share its significance, then wear your bracelet with pride. If someone in your life would benefit from the message, pass it along and encourage them to update the tracker. The further a bracelet travels, the more precious and powerful the word becomes because it carries love from each previous wearer.