Discover Your Lucky Charm: Embrace Positivity with Our New Collection!

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Magic things happen when you bet on yourself. Wear these positive good luck charms as a reminder that luck is on your side. (Or in this case, on your wrist.) Take a look at this fresh take on our fan-favorite good luck charms! Wear them as a reminder that magic things happen when you bet on yourself.

Evolve- Feelin' Lucky Bracelet
You are free to change your mind. You are free to grow into new, better versions of yourself. Just like a butterfly. Wear this custom beaded bracelet as a reminder.
Protected- Feelin' Lucky Bracelet
A baby blue beaded bracelet accented with the striking image of the evil eye––a storied symbol of protection. Wear it to shield yourself from negativity and evil forces.
Patience- Feelin' Lucky Bracelet
In a world where everything’s at our fingertips, patience can be challenging. Beaded with a custom flower charm, this bracelet is a reminder that life’s greatest treasures are so worth waiting for.
Hope- Feelin' Lucky Bracelet
Every storm eventually passes. And when it does, it ends in something beautiful. Wear this custom beaded bracelet as a reminder that the best is yet to come.
Electric- Feelin' Lucky Bracelet
Never underestimate your own power. Beaded with a custom lightning bolt charm, this bracelet is meant to rev up your spirit with a jolt of electricity.
Love You- Feelin' Lucky Bracelet
Love You
What does your heart beat for? This custom beaded bracelet is symbol of your life’s purpose—whether that’s a person you love or a goal you’re chasing.

Whether you need one reminder, or a few, stack these to remind yourself that you are worth it! Not sure which one is the one for you? Take our quiz here.

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