We all strive to be more mindful, practice self-love, and keep going after our goals. It sometimes  helps to have a visible reminder of just how amazing you are. Word bracelets add a meaningful touch to your stack, whether you’re celebrating  what's important to you or gathering the courage to continue your personal journey.

Inspired by classic friendship bracelets, these accessories are made for daily affirmations—a reminder to be nice to yourself, and to others around you. Choose a style that speaks to you and connect your bracelet to our community on our connect your bracelet page. This is your chance to reflect on what the word means to you. Wear the bracelet for as long as you like and live by its meaning each day. When you’re ready to spread the word, give it to someone special so they can benefit from a reminder to be strong and positive.

Our uplifting beaded bracelets come in a wide range of colors and messages, but if you are looking for something personal, we have you covered! You’ll love our custom designs.