When you have something special to say, wear it on your wrist with a beaded bracelet. We offer custom designs for a word that’s unique to you. Just choose a crystal or stone bead style and craft a message up to 13 characters. There’s a variety of colors to choose from to symbolize your word—from pinks and blacks to blues and purples, and even the entire rainbow

Whether you’re buying one for yourself or multiples to give as gifts, we can’t wait to bring your vision to life. Whether it’s your name, your kids’ names, a special date, or a favorite mantra, whatever you create will be uniquely yours. 

Looking to add more meaning to your bracelet? Here’s the inside scoop on a few of our favorite looks:

  • Gold is the color of ambition and success
  • Silver is believed to be a mirror to the soul, reflecting hope and kindness
  • Pink agate promotes emotional healing through analysis and intuition
  • Howlite offers patience and perspective by strengthening memory and knowledge
  • Lava stone symbolizes our connection to the earth and all its power
  • Pearls signify wisdom and integrity
  • Evil eye beads protect against bad luck and misfortune

Once you’ve chosen the perfect pairing of beads and your word, remember to register your word and tell us why it’s special to you. Join our community to share your story and find inspiration!