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Article: Women's History Month at LWP

Women's History Month at LWP

Hi Friends!
Happy Women’s History Month! We are a proud female-founded brand, and a huge part of our mission is to bring women together. We’re excited to take this month to celebrate other female-led businesses we love. In fact, we sell a wide variety of female-owned brands in our flagship stores all year round. We’ve rounded up some brands and founders to feature on our site for the month! Be sure to check out these new additions to our site for the month of March below.

The Founder: Emily Kennerk
How it started: Emily was inspired by Ruther Bader Ginsburg’s journey to the Supreme Court, where her male colleagues referred to her as “bitch.” RBG’s response was “Better a bitch than a mouse.”
How it’s going: BITCHSTIX is a booming cruelty-free lip and body balm line that encourages acknowledgment of self-worth, boldness and courageousness. The profits giveback to a retailer-nominated nonprofit that supports survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault.
Shop: Lip Balm

Company: Bon Femmes
The Founder: Omotola
How it started: Originally, Omotola created a blog, Style & Forks, that highlighted food, art, and fashion. She quickly realized that she was most passionate about art and creative projects; so, she began featuring women in the artistic, creative community-as women are underrepresented in the art space!
How it’s going: Bon Femmes further helps women in the arts by bringing their work into the home. All of her products feature women-made art and a portion of sales are given back to women led charities.
Shop: Greeting cards

Company: Chez Gagné
The Founder: Alex Gagné
How it started: While working as marketing director at an IT company, Alex began taking night classes on letterpress printing; to add some creativity to her life. She designed and printed wedding invites for friends and family until Chez Gagné became a full-time venture.
How it’s going: Chez Gagné sells funny and inspirational gold foil mugs, drinkware, candles, wine & spirit tags, cocktail paper clips and greeting cards to more than 3500 independent boutiques in the US and Canada!
Shop: Matches

Company: Chillhouse
The Founder: Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton
How it started: Cyndi is a second generation Colombian-American who grew up watching her mother treat patients in her cosmetology spas in Queens and Manhattan. While working at a startup consultancy, she opened the first Chillhouse location in 2017; a destination for finding your chill in a simple, affordable way!
How it’s going: Chillhouse now has a large Soho Flagship and a successful line of beauty and wellness products made to maximize “me time.”
Shop: Chill Tips

Company: Eleventh Hour
The Founder: Carli Mink
How it started: Carli was bothered by the lack of size inclusivity, creativity, and affordability of the sunglass industry.
How it’s going: Eleventh Hour offers three distinct size frames you cannot find elsewhere that are handcrafted with premium materials at an affordable price.
Shop: Sunglasses

Company: Estella Bartlett
The Founder: Nick and Louise Bartlett
How it started: Estella Bartlett was founded in 2011 by brother and sister duo Nick and Louise.
How it’s going: Estella Bartlett is now a well-loved jewelry and accessories brand that offers chic everyday styles and playful moments meant to bring happiness.
Shop: Card Purse

Company: Freshwater Design Co.
The Founder: Dani Harmadi and Briane E. Martin
How it started: Sister Danielle and Brianne were born and raised in Wisconsin and went on to become a successful graphic designer and artist duo.
How it’s going: They now create handcrafted genuine leather accessories, gifts and jewelry. Each item is crafter in their Georgia studio/shop; and each design is original!
Shop: Keychain

Company: Hey Girl Hey
The Founder: Seanice & Sharina Clarke
How it started: The sisters’ Women’s Empowerment group, Triple Crown Collective, were craving connection and friendship after the decline of COVID-19. Seanice and Sharina decided to lead a bar crawl that included challenges and questions and everyone wanted the cards that were used.
How it’s going: Those cards become the game we know and love today!
Shop: Card game

Company: Note and Shine
The Founder: Kelsey Layne-Black
How it started: Kelsey started as a planner and stationery lover who could not find her perfect, dream planner anywhere.
How it’s going: Kelsey now has a collection of carefully curated stationery that brings self-care into everyday life. Her planners help achieve balance while still encouraging big dreams.
Shop: Guided Journal

Company: Teleties
The Founder: Lindsay Muscato
How it started: Lindsay grew up playing soccer and found herself constantly trying to frantically put her hair up on the sidelines once her hair tie had fallen out; and then experienced similar struggles as a busy mom on the go. She grew tired of hair ties lacking in performance and aesthetics and decided she had to do something about it.
How it’s going: Lindsay researched designs and materials; and tested numerous prototypes to find what she believes are the perfect hair tie; Teleties!
Shop: Teleties

We hope you fall in love with these incredible brands and amazing women. Thank you all for supporting us year round!
Team LWP

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