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Article: What does sustainability mean to LWP?

What does sustainability mean to LWP?

Little Words Project is constantly innovating and transforming to further live out our core beliefs of kindness, self-love, collaboration, authenticity, inclusivity, and giving back. Beyond making these sentiments true for our employees and community, we wanted to prioritize looking at our world this way as well, which is why being sustainable was such a huge mission for us. We are so excited to introduce our brand new Upcycled Little Words Project bracelet to you all! These are limited edition handcrafted bracelets made with repurposed deadstock beads to help prevent waste. The gorgeous design is composed of numerous unique deadstock beads that otherwise would have been wasted. We also include sustainability with our other collections by having sustainable packaging- our boxes are reusable and recyclable made from 80% post-consumer recycled materials and printed with eco-friendly ink. We hope you absolutely love these handcrafted beaded bracelets and cherish their intentional creation just as much as we do!

Our upcycled collection took a bit more brainstorming and research than our typical beaded bracelets traditionally do. After hearing how important thrifting and second hand fashion had become to our customers, we knew we had to be involved and make a change. Our incredible Product Development team took it upon themselves to delve into the world of deadstock fashion and see how we could apply the cause to Little Words Project.


They recognized that being able to make a smaller quantity of a particular bracelet could be a positive effect of upcycled beads; and give customers an extremely unique and vintage piece of fashion that only few others would have. Product Development found an incredible location filled floor to ceiling with beads of fashion’s past and spent the day curating the gorgeous design you can now purchase from LWP!

Our beaded bracelets have always told a story, but these do even more so. It is so interesting to think about all of the different places these beads could have been. Were they on a shirt or a handbag? Who was wearing them? Such a fun and full circle moment!

There are only 100 available of this first upcycled launch, so be sure to grab one while you can! However, the sustainability section of our site will always be running and we have created a system where you can sign up and be notified for when the next drop is happening. How exciting?!

This first upcycled launch is super meaningful and special to us. The design consists of beautiful beads in every color of the rainbow and includes the word “Enjoy.” Enjoy is such an incredible word for our vintage beaded, hand-made, sustainable bracelet because it can be applied to so many times of life and different situations. No matter what “enjoy” means to you, it can have a totally different meaning to the person you pass it on to, which is what upcycled and circular fashion is all about. Be sure to make the most of this bracelet while it’s yours - we cannot wait to hear about how it applies to your life, and more importantly, when you are ready to pass it on-but for now, enjoy!

Enjoy Upcycled Bracelet

Aside from our upcycled launch, it is important to note that Little Words Project beaded bracelets at their core are intended to be recycled and reused time and time again. When you have loved and worn your Little Word, remember to pass it on to someone else who needs it more. We are so thrilled about our brand new sustainable beaded bracelet and can’t wait to see where these beads end up - time and time again!

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