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Article: The Internet Just Got Kinder

The Internet Just Got Kinder

If you’re here reading this blog post, you’ve been in your NGE (nice girl era) for quite some time. And to that, we say “Thank you for your service.” ;) This powerful little kindness movement we started has grown into an unimaginable force for good. Which is why we are so thrilled to announce the launch of Little Words Project’s first official online community called….(insert drum roll here)...NICE NATION!

Ten years ago, our founder Adriana started beading bracelets in her parents’ basement (no joke) with one mission: To inspire self-love and kindness. Many beads and thousands of bracelets later, Little Words Project has grown up and expanded, but the mission from those early days hasn’t changed. Whether you’ve been part of this community for ten years or ten seconds, you’re a part of that mission.

Because a kinder world can’t be created with just one person.

It takes a village.

Nice Nation is a celebration of this beautiful nice girl village we’ve created together. It’s a space where you can connect with other kind humans, share your stories, celebrate your highest highs, and support each other through life’s inevitable lows. It is, what we believe, will be the kindest corner of the internet. Let’s face it, the internet can get dark sometimes. We want Nice Nation to be a bright spot. A place you can go when you’re tired of comment trolls and doom scrolls. A place where the only flex is being, well, nice!

Want to join Nice Nation? It’s suuuuper easy.

  1. Connect your bracelet online using its unique ID tag.
  2. Live by your word’s meaning each day you wear it.
  3. Give your word to someone else who needs it more when you’re ready.

It might not seem like it some days, but a kinder, more connected world is possible. 

Let’s create it together.

Xo, Team LWP



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