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Article: Nice Girl Halloween

Nice Girl Halloween

Spooky season is finally here! As October rolls around, the pressure to pick the perfect Halloween costume heightens-so we’re here to help! Our fav Nice Girl inspired ideas for this year’s Halloween are Chessy from The Parent Trap, American Girl Doll Julie Albright, and Bell from Beauty and The Beast!

Overtime, Chessy has become the most notable character from The Parent Trap movie in most people’s eyes. She has great vibes and literally steals our hearts from the moment we see her, even if it’s nearly an hour into the film. Her denim jacket is iconic and is often referenced in our HQ! If you’re being Chessy for Halloween this year, you should absolutely have our family bracelet, our refresh bracelet, and our custom pearl to write her name!

Next, we adore the idea of Julie Albright, the American Girl Doll, as a costume! She’s a 70’s queen and dresses like women of the time period. She is an advocate for change-whether it’s encouraging girls to start playing sports or fighting for animal rights, she is at the forefront! We think a Julie look would be perfectly paired with our new Roadtrip Collection! Our slow down, dreamer, and all good bracelets match her 70’s aesthetics-and be the change would be ideal for this costume as well of course!

Finally, Belle is a traditional and adorable costume! Her look is easily accomplished with an all yellow outfit and an enchanted rose in tow. Belle is a reader, beloved daughter, and the epitome of an optimist-she can even see the Beast as more than just that! She has a heart of gold and isn’t afraid to fight for herself! If you’re choosing to be Belle this Halloween season, wear our see the good bracelet, our stay positive bracelet, and our you got this bracelet!

If costumes aren’t for you, but you’re looking to still get involved in the spooky season, you can sport our new Luv U Boo bracelet!

Remember that when you select a Little Words Project bracelet or piece of jewelry, the journey doesn’t end there. Tracking your empowering word begins when you upload the code from your bracelet’s charm and tell us about yourself. Once you pass the bracelet on to someone else, they can add to its story. Your words and experiences can help inspire someone else, so come connect with us at Little Words Project!
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