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Article: Be a Barbie Girl in a Nice Girl World!

Be a Barbie Girl in a Nice Girl World!

Have you heard the news?! We launched a collab with Barbie on 10/19! Since we are so excited about the launch, we thought we’d share the latest on Barbiecore.

Whether you’re scrolling through your social feeds or walking around your local boutique, you probably feel like you’re seeing the world through hot pink-colored glasses… and you wouldn’t be wrong! 

The world is being painted pink thanks to the latest and greatest trend: Barbiecore. Barbiecore is an aesthetic that is obviously, and rightfully, inspired by the fashion icon herself-Barbie! This trend can be defined by vibrant shades of pink, nostalgic 80’s and early 2000’s inspo, positive vibes, and a strong sense of female empowerment. It’s all about making fashion fun and having the courage to be exactly who you have always dreamt of being. That’s why “our one of a kind”, “ GRL PWR,”and “future is bright” bracelets are so amazing!

At Little Words Project, we couldn’t be more aligned with Barbie’s determination to spread positivity and encourage girl power. We believe Barbie’s stack would include our “You Got This” bracelet, our “Keep Going” bracelet,  our “See the Good” bracelet, and our “Be the Change” bracelet; and of course some favs from the new collection: “bloom,” “unite,” and “Barbie Girl!” 

While Barbie is notorious for her fantastically feminine sense of style, she has become much more complex and inspirational over the years. She has taken on numerous careers; including teacher, veterinarian, dentist, chef, musician, zoologist, coach, and many more. Though her fashion sense remains fabulous, Barbie has gone on to become an inspiration for young girls to strive for success and to have the confidence and determination to shoot for the stars!

Not only has Barbie managed to maintain an unwavering relevance for children around the world, but the impending 2023 Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling has made people of every age strive to participate in this trend. Celebrity participation has further heightened the exposure and relevance of Barbiecore, which has led to a noticeable increase in hot pink on the red carpets, in runway shows, and on the streets around us. 

If you’re looking for a simple, but powerful way to implement pink in your wardrobe, we would highly recommend starting with a LWP bracelet stack. Some great choices would be the Custom Pink Agate Stone bracelet, the Custom Vintage Rose Crystal bracelet, the “Love” Pearl bracelet, and the Viviane Audi “Manifest” bracelet. 

Remember that when you select a Little Words Project bracelet or piece of jewelry, the journey doesn’t end there. Tracking your empowering word begins when you upload the code from your bracelet’s charm and tell us about yourself. Once you pass the bracelet on to someone else, they can add to its story. Your words and experiences can help inspire someone else, so come connect with us at Little Words Project!

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