Build Your Own Bundle of LWP

Little Words Project bracelets look best when stacked! There’s no such thing as too many Little Words of inspiration. Mixing the patterns, colors, and words is so fun. To enhance the styling, stacking, and bundling experience, we have developed a Build Your Own Bundle feature on Now, you can Build Your Own Little Bundle and get 15% off your purchase. All you have to do is select three of your favorite Little Words Project items on our bundle builder page, and you’ll get 15% off your order. Now you can stack and save all year long! Whether you’re keeping all three items for yourself, or gifting some to friends and family, you can’t go wrong with this new feature.

Bundles are a fabulous way to build a carefully curated stack for yourself. In your bundle, you can choose to stick to a particular colorway or focus more on the meaning behind the word choices when deciding what beaded bracelets to add to your stack. For example, if you have been feeling like you really are in need of a confidence boost and some daily self-love reminders, we recommend choosing words like Fearless, I Am Enough, and Stay Positive. If you are looking to brighten up your wardrobe and incorporate fun colors to your daily outfits, we recommend styles like Be Happy, Ride or Die, and Kindness. The best part about building your own little bundle on is the fact that you will save 15% off your purchase. Take advantage of this exciting new offer and treat yourself; you definitely deserve it!

Bundles are also beneficial for getting someone a gift. Choosing just one word bracelet for a friend or family member is nearly impossible since they are all just so sweet; so, we recommend gifting them a stack of all the words they love! Gifts are a wonderful opportunity to make their stack very personal. This will show them how much you care about them and how much you really understand and know them. If you are gifting a teacher, it would be special to gift them a Teacher bracelet, Inspire bracelet, and Create bracelet. If you are gifting a nurse, it would be lovely to give them a Breathe bracelet, Strength bracelet, and You Got This beaded bracelet. Mother’s day is also right around the corner, gift your favorite mom with a Mama bracelet, Keep Going, and Love. We also recommend building gifting bundles that you can have on hand at any given time so you can pass on a word in a truly organic and meaningful moment. Having a stack of positive affirmations and generic kind saying is a perfect way to embody our pass-it-on mentality and to connect with other people. Giving a kind word is the most beautiful way to create a community and encourage human connection. 

Building a bundle of Little Words Project beaded bracelets will allow you to really get creative and to use your imagination. To bring your bundle together, try choosing pieces that compliment each other. We love a color blocking look, or accenting neutral crystals with one rainbow pop of colors! Or maybe a stack of three gold bracelets is just what you need. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong. Happy bundling, friends!