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Article: Earth Day Celebration with LWP

Earth Day Celebration with LWP

Hello LWP Family!

Happy Earth Month!

Robert Swan once said “The greatest threat to our planet is believing that someone else will save it.” Here at Little Words Project, we are joining in the fight of honoring our planet in celebration of Earth Day 2023 as we continue to embark on our sustainability journey as a company. Earth Day is an annual celebration that honors the achievements of the need to protect Earth’s Natural resources for future generations to come. Earth Day’s core issues that impact us all range from Climate Change, Energy, Food & Agriculture to Sustainability and recycling & waste reduction. As our planet changes and as we grow as a population across the globe, it is imperative now more than ever that we as a whole take precaution in the fight to conserve our planet and its natural resources. As we continue to focus on one of our core values of giving back, we are joining with Surf Rider Foundation this year for their annual One Day, One Planet beach clean up on Sunday April 23, 2023. The Surfrider Foundation is a Nonprofit Organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves, and beaches, for all people, through a powerful activist network. 

Around the world, various communities are experiencing the impact of a changing climate and our oceans are taking a huge hit. Little Words Project is excited to help make waves of change this year as we want to bring the kindness aspect of our company to the ocean by supporting the Surfrider Foundation in their efforts to continue protecting our oceans from plastic pollution, toxic sewage, climate change, and offshore oil drilling. 

We are asking for the help of our Little Words Project community to play a role in prioritizing our world! If you can’t join us for SurfRiders’ Earth Day celebration, here are some other ways we can honor and invest our planet to save the earth: 

  1. Volunteering at your local nature reserve. Helping with initiatives like trash clean ups, conservation and restoration projects can definitely aid in the fight against protecting our planet. 
  2. Choosing a lifestyle change you want to focus on that would positively impact the environment. From, shopping sustainably, using public transportation, biking, or walking when you can. Connecting with nature and spending more time outdoors and signing up for local environmental initiatives within your community. 
  3. Voting for our planet. Making your voice heard during this time is crucial as it is one of the most important actions we can take. Empower those around you to get politically involved and encourage lawmakers to provide better solutions to save our planet. 
  4. Donate to environmental causes and initiatives. There are various organizations that support our environment and if you can’t volunteer to benefit your community's ecosystem, maybe donate to an organization who can on your behalf! 
  5. Shop our latest upcycled drop! These limited edition bracelets are made with repurposed deadstock beads to prevent waste.

Thrive Upcycled Bracelet

As Little Words project continues to make an impact in the sustainability realm, we wanted to prioritize taking the next steps to make our world a better place and hoping that our community will join us.


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