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Join the kindness revolution.

Pick Your Word. We'll Create It.

Custom Gold PlatedCustom Gold Plated
Custom Gold Plated Sale priceFrom $45
Custom Bluestone BraceletCustom Bluestone Bracelet
Custom Bluestone Sale priceFrom $35
Custom Amethyst Dreams Crystal BraceletCustom Amethyst Dreams Crystal Bracelet
Custom Amethyst Dreams Crystal Sale priceFrom $35
Custom Rainbow BraceletCustom Rainbow Bracelet
Custom Rainbow Sale priceFrom $35
Custom Vintage Rose Crystal BraceletCustom Vintage Rose Crystal Bracelet
Custom Vintage Rose Crystal Sale priceFrom $35
Custom White Howlite Stone BraceletCustom White Howlite Stone Bracelet
Custom White Howlite Stone Sale priceFrom $35
Custom JoyfulCustom Joyful Stone
Custom Joyful Stone Sale priceFrom $35
Custom Clear Crystal BraceletCustom Clear Crystal Bracelet
Custom Clear Crystal Sale priceFrom $35
Custom Pink Agate Stone BraceletCustom Pink Agate Stone Bracelet
Custom Pink Agate Stone Sale priceFrom $35

We believe that one kind word can change everything for the better. That's why our bracelets are made to be worn and passed on—paying kindness forward one bracelet at a time.

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What Will You Customize?

Custom Funfetti Crystal BraceletCustom Funfetti Crystal
Custom Funfetti Crystal Sale priceFrom $35
Custom Lava Stone Men'sCustom Lava Stone Men's Bracelet
Custom Lava Stone Men's Sale priceFrom $35
Custom Gold Plated RainbowCustom Gold Plated Rainbow
Custom Gold Plated Rainbow Sale priceFrom $45
Custom Snowflake Stone BraceletCustom Snowflake Stone Bracelet
Custom Snowflake Stone Sale priceFrom $35
Custom Northern Lights Crystal BraceletCustom Northern Lights Crystal
Custom Northern Lights Crystal Sale priceFrom $35
Custom Jet Black Crystal BraceletCustom Jet Black Crystal Bracelet
Custom Jet Black Crystal Sale priceFrom $35
Custom Evil Eye Crystal BraceletCustom Evil Eye Crystal Bracelet
Custom Evil Eye Crystal Sale priceFrom $35
Custom Empire Crystal BraceletCustom Empire Crystal Bracelet
Custom Empire Crystal Sale priceFrom $35
Custom Frozen Navy Crystal BraceletCustom Frozen Navy Crystal Bracelet
Custom Frozen Navy Crystal Sale priceFrom $35

Words Make A Difference.
Let's Wear Kind Ones.

Build Your Custom Bracelet