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Article: Which Bracelet Is For You Based On Your Summer Vibe?

Which Bracelet Is For You Based On Your Summer Vibe?

Nice Nation,

ICYMI: It’s self-love summer, baby! These fan-favorite Little Words® will inspire you to embody that blissed-out vacation energy—whether you’re hitting the beach or hitting snooze a few more times. 😉

Find the summer vibe that feels like you for our wristwear recommendation!

If You’re Basically a Mermaid

If you get to the beach and say “I’m literally home,” our “Be Kind” bracelet is for you. The gorgeous pastel aesthetic is giving mermaid and we are 1,000% here for it. P.S. Jersey friends: Check out our Pier Village store in Long Branch to shop, BYOB (bead your own bracelet) and hit the beach afterwards! 

If You Like Piña Coladas 

If the idea of getting stranded on a deserted island is oddly appealing to you, our new “Sunshine” bracelet is the move. The vibrant pops of color are the perfect complement to tropical waters, white sand beaches, and, of course, your tan. It’s like one of those fun cocktail umbrellas, but for your wrist. 

If You Loved the Movie “Wild”

The mountains are calling and so is our best-selling “You Can” bracelet. Lace up your hiking boots, pack up some snacks (is it just us or are hiking snacks incredible?), and let the magnificence of nature move you from the inside out. Yes, you can do hard things.

If You Swoon for a Staycation 

Is there anything more zen than listening to birds chirp as you sip coffee on your patio? Is there anything cozier than a backyard barbecue? If you’re ferociously nodding your head YES, our “Grace” bracelet is for you. Give yourself a little grace and take that PTO. Staycations rule.

If You’re an Adrenaline Junkie

Cliff jumping, white water rafting, surfing—if your favorite summer activities are the heart-pumping kind, add our “Fearless” bracelet to your stack. Your thrill-seeking nature is fun, inspiring and exciting. Everybody adores you for it. Wear your bravery with pride.

If The Hamptons Are Your Happy Place

Embracing stillness is hard for city folk like you. That’s why the Hamptons exist! Before you hop on the jitney, throw on our “Trust” bracelet—a reminder that the electric energy of NYC will be waiting for you when summer is over. For now, soak up the calm. You deserve it.

If European Summers Steal Your Heart

French Riviera, anyone? How about the Amalfi Coast? Whether you’ve been dreaming in another language or just can’t get your mind off the idea of a European summer, you need our “Be F*cking Nice” bracelet. Jet-setters like you know it best: Kindness matters in every zip code.

Enjoy your self-love summer, friends!

Shine with kindness and don’t forget to wear sunblock, ok?

xo Team LWP

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