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Article: Savor Summer: Beach Picnic with LWP's Summer Snacks Collection!

Summer Snacks Blog Post

Savor Summer: Beach Picnic with LWP's Summer Snacks Collection!

Happy Summer, Nice Nation! 

Summer is officially here! As an ode to our founder and CEO, Adriana Carrig’s, home state of New Jersey, we are launching a collection dedicated to the nostalgic and delicious tastes of the boardwalk! There is truly nothing like strolling the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore while eating an ice cream cone or a helping of french fries. This summery, sweet collection consists of five different styles. Each beaded bracelet includes an adorable casted charm that resembles a classic summer snack; as well as a matching Little Wordⓡ made of letter beads of course! The snacks included in this collection are “Sweet” with an ice cream cone charm, “Fries B4 Guys” with a smiley french fry charm, “Stay Fresh” with a lemon charm, “Sugar” with a watermelon charm, and Salty”. with a pretzel charm. Each and every one of these bracelets is a must-have for your summer festivities and would look so cute stacked together, on their own, or stacked with some of our best selling words. This Summer Snacks collection might just be our sweetest yet!

In honor of this food inspired collection, we wanted to teach you how to have a picnic on the beach with Little Words Project! The beauty in a beach picnic is how simple and achievable it really is. A picnic on the beach with a handful of friends, a significant other, some family members, or maybe even by yourself, is such a wonderful way to slow down, appreciate nature, and live in the moment. To get started, pick a beach you want to sit at! We recommend the beautiful beaches at Pier Village in Long Branch, New Jersey since you can be right by our gorgeous Pier Village retail store. Not only is this store absolutely adorable with endless photo opportunities, but it also includes beading tables where you can sit down and bead your very open custom bracelets-definitely a must do! After the location is locked down, invite your fellow picnic goers. A fabulous way to invite friends would be to send them a summer snacks bracelet! We love the idea of each invitee receiving the bracelet that most aligns with their personality for a personalized approach. Another fun way to incorporate bracelets into your picnic would be to have them set at each attendee’s seat as a place setting addition. You could even add a custom name bracelet with their summer snack bracelet for an extra special touch! 

Once your attendees and location are all set, all that is left to figure out is food! I would definitely recommend taking inspiration from our Summer Snacks collection and matching the food selection to the bracelets! A charcuterie board loaded with french fries, watermelon, pretzels, and lemonade sounds absolutely amazing. Don’t forget ice cream for dessert. The variety should be perfect to make each guest happy taste wise and it will definitely be a colorful and beautiful display-amazing for an impromptu photo shoot! You could also really lean into a certain bracelet and stick to a themed arrangement of snacks. For example, if your group loves pretzels, you could have larger, hot pretzels as well as chocolate covered pretzels for something sweet. Or, if you wanted to stick to an ice cream theme, you could set up an ice cream bar on the beach with little cones for everyone and tons of toppings to choose from. The options are really endless and we cannot wait to see how you picnic in your Summer Snacks collection!

XO, LWP team

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