LWP x Peloton: Little Words to Fuel Your Ride

Hi Nice Nation!

What motivates you during your workouts? Is it the perfect playlist? A protein-packed smoothie? The satisfaction of closing all your rings on your Apple watch? (IYKYK.) We all have different methods for getting motivated. But the most important thing is how we talk to ourselves when things get tough and we really start to sweat. Our friends at Peloton agree.

Together with your favorite Peloton coaches, we created a collection of motivational wristwear, designed to power you through every challenge you face—both on and off the bike. Whenever you’re on the brink of giving up, just glance down at your wrist and remember why you started. 

We are so excited that Nice Nation sold this collab out, so, just for you, we will be RE-launching on the Peloton website on 7/25. This limited drop will feature the same bracelets from your favorite coaches. Still not sure which to pick? Here are some collection highlights, and the inspiring Peloton coaches behind them.

Alex Toussaint’s “This Ain’t Daycare” Bracelet

Notorious for a challenging sweat sesh, Alex Toussaint inspires his classes to confront their limitations and push past them. Wear his no-nonsense “This Ain’t Daycare” mantra as a reminder that if you don’t take your goals seriously, no one will.

Ally Love’s “Boss Status” Bracelet

The radiant Ally Love empowers everyone in her classes to step up, take charge, and as Ally would say—”Boss up!” Wear her “Boss Status” mantra as a reminder to unleash your power and set the bar high in whatever you do. 

Kendall Toole’s “Stay In The Fight” Bracelet

Kendall Toole’s head-banging playlists and feisty attitude inspire her classes to keep fighting. Wear her “Stay In The Fight” mantra as a reminder that they can knock you down, but they can never knock you out.

Robin Arzon’s “Chin Up, Crown On” Bracelet

Peleton’s head instructor and VP of fitness is known for inspiring her classes to unapologetically step into their power. Wear her “Chin Up, Crown On'' mantra as a reminder to put that crown on and remember who you are. 

Feeling inspired? Good. Because this blog post is only skimming the surface. Whether you're a seasoned Peloton pro or just starting out, these bracelets can bring a whole new level of intentionality and purpose to your workouts and life in general. Explore the full Little Words Project x Peloton Collection and let your wrist guide you to greatness.