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Article: The Bracelet You Need Based On Your Fave Clueless ‘Fit

The Bracelet You Need Based On Your Fave Clueless ‘Fit

Clueless stans, let’s go!

Ok, so we know they’re fictional characters, but Cher, Dionne, Tai, (and, yes, even Amber) are the fashion icons of the ‘90s. Period. The question is, which ‘fit from Clueless do you fantasize about having in your closet? We know, it’s, like, way harsh to make you pick just one. Think it over, come back, and we’ll tell you which bracelet from the LWP x Clueless Collection you need to add to your stack. 

Outfit: Cher's Yellow Plaid Skirt Suit

Bracelet: "As If" Bracelet

Cher Horowitz’s yellow plaid skirt suit is arguably the most iconic look of the ‘90s. It exudes CEO energy, but in a playful way—which encapsulates Cher’s entire vibe, honestly. If you’re looking to channel Cher’s light-hearted confidence, our “As If” bracelet is definitely the one for you. Wear it as a reminder to never (ever!) settle.

Outfit: Dionne's Furry Hat and Checkered Jacket

Bracelet: "Totally Buggin’" Bracelet

Dionne’s furry hat/checkered jacket moment is giving Chanel-meets-Cat-In-The-Hat, but, like, in the best way possible. It’s deliciously unique, and magically chaotic. If this is the look/vibe you’re most obsessed with, you need our “Totally Buggin’” bracelet. Wear it as a reminder to be playful and have fun. Perfection is boring.

Outfit: Tai's Polo Shirt and Plaid Skirt

Bracelet: "Whatever" Bracelet

In the words of Amber, “she could be a farmer in those clothes.” We couldn’t disagree more. Tai showing up as the new kid at a Beverly Hills high school in something this laid-back is a baller move. She is who she is, and she doesn’t care what anyone has to say about it. If you’re a Tai stan, you need our “Whatever” bracelet. (For obvious reasons.)

Outfit: Amber's Red Pantsuit

Bracelet: "Clueless" Friendship Bracelet

Amber may be the most problematic Clueless character, but this look is anything but. The bright red and that little hat (?!)—it’s the kind of fashion choice only a brave person could pull off. If this look lives rent free in your head, you need our Clueless Friendship bracelet. Wear it as a reminder that learning and growing is essential if you want to be a leader.

And in Conclusion…

Clueless is more than just a movie. It’s a hilarious, fashionably packaged metaphor for so many life lessons—how to be a good friend, never settling for less than what you deserve, and believing in yourself even when others doubt you. We’re obsessed. That’s why this bracelet collection is so special.

And here you thought your bracelet stack couldn’t get any more meaningful? As if!

Stay kind,

Team LWP

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