How To Bead Your Own Little Word™

Step 1: Get your string situated.

Cut a piece of string about 3" longer than the diameter of your wrist. Tug on the string a few times to give it a good stretch. This ensures it won’t get loose as you wear it.

Step 2: Add a stopper to your string.

Add a piece of tape or a small binder clip to the end of your string so the beads stay secure as you work. 

Step 3: Choose a word.

What word helps you be your best self? Is it motivational? Is it silly? A word that brings you peace? Don’t overthink. Let your inner voice lead. 

Step 4: Decide on a pattern & start beading.

String about 18 beads. Add your word in the middle. Then complete the other side. If the length isn’t right, you can remove beads from either side. 

Step 5: Tie a knot.

No Phd in knot-tying needed. A classic overhand knot does the trick. We suggest knotting 3 times for extra security.

Step 6: Add your “Made By Me” tag.

Slide the gold “Made By Me” tag over the knots you tied and enjoy the satisfaction of beading your very own Little Word™!