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Article: 5 Gifts For The Guys In Your Life

5 Gifts For The Guys In Your Life

Ok. So let’s get this straight. You’ve got tons of guys on your holiday gift list, and not a clue what to get them. Here’s an idea you may not have thought of—Little Words®. The bold beads and earthy styles will be fun to stack with his favorite watch. On top of that, the thoughtful words will make him feel seen and appreciated. Not sure which words to go with? Here’s 5 ideas to get you started.


Whether he’s a new dad or a seasoned vet, this gift hits home.
For the man who values family over everything.
A bold reminder that he can face any challenge.
For the guy who shows up for everyone no matter what.
Hot tip: Personalized gifts can be the most touching of all. Add a word or phrase that’s significant to him, an inside joke, the date you met or the name of the child you share together. There are no rules, so long as you make it undeniably him.
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