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Article: Black History Month Features

Black History Month Features

To celebrate Black History Month, we are highlighting some of the incredible Black, Female owned businesses we adore at Little Words Project! All February long we will be featuring items from these businesses on and customers can always find them in our retail locations!

Company: AS Dancewear

The Founder: Alison Stroming

How it started: Alison began formal ballet training at nine years old and eventually rose to the professional division. She has performed across the country and overseas, starred in several ad campaigns, and has been featured in countless notable publications. Her work on stage inspired her to create AS Dancewear.

How it’s going: AS Dancewear is a successful dancewear company that provides females everywhere the confidence they need to perform their best. It is the only dancewear company owned by a current professional dancer who is of color!

Collab: We kicked off Black History Month with exclusive collaborative Dance and Aspire bracelets with AS Dancewear!


Company: Happy Words Studio

The Founder: Autumn Gholston 

How it started: In 2020, Autumn created Happy Words Studio with the intention of inspiring others throughout the St. Louis community. 

How it’s going: Since then, the brand has expanded to over 80 retailers across the United States and Canada, spreading bold, feminine, and inspiring messages from coast to coast. 

Shop: Pinback buttons


Company: KNC Beauty 

The Founder: Kristen Noel Crawley

How it started: Kristen in Tokyo, when she saw a  wall of lip masks and fell in love with the idea of healthy lips. She learned there were no natural lip masks on the current so she decided to develop her own. 

How it’s going: Kristen’s all-natural, collagen-infused lip mask is well known and loved; and she has an entire line of vegan, paraben-free,  sulfate-free, artificial dye-free and fragrance-free products. 

Shop: Lip balm


Company: Bon Femmes 

The Founder: Omotola 

How it started: Originally, Omotola created a blog, Style & Forks, that highlighted food, art, and fashion. She quickly realized that she was most passionate about art and creative projects; so, she began featuring women in the artistic, creative community-as women are underrepresented in the art space!

How it’s going: Bon Femmes further helps women in the arts by bringing their work into the home. All of her products feature women-made art and a portion of sales are given back to women led charities.

Shop: Greeting cards

Company: Note and Shine

The Founder: Kelsey Layne-Black

How it started: Kelsey started as a planner and stationery lover who could not find her perfect, dream planner anywhere. 

How it’s going: Kelsey now has a collection of carefully curated stationery that brings self-care into everyday life. Her planners help achieve balance while still encouraging big dreams. 

Shop: Wellness Journals

Company: Hey Girl Hey

The Founder: Seanice & Sharina Clarke

How it started: The sisters’ Women’s Empowerment group, Triple Crown Collective, were craving connection and friendship after the decline of COVID-19. Seanice and Sharina decided to lead a bar crawl that included challenges and questions and everyone wanted the cards that were used.

How it’s going: Those cards become the game we know and love today!

Shop: Card game

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