Meet LWP’s Chief Wellness Officers & Learn to Set Affirmations to Manifest in 2023

As you all know, Little Words are meant to be worn as daily reminders to promote self-love and mental wellness. Finding your way to wellness, alignment, and true self-love can be a journey, and we are honored to be on yours. We are thrilled this year to take your journey one step further by welcoming our new Chief Wellness Officers to our team who have over a decade of experience! They'll be here every step of the way this year, helping you take your Little Words and putting them into action. Think of them as your guides to help you to find your own kind of wellness - mind, body, and spirit. 

Meet the LWP Chief Wellness Officers: Stephanie Virchaux & Kitty Gonzalez!

Stéphanie is a certified coach, energy healer, and angel reader. Her mission is for people to live their most joyful life from the inside out. Her favorite Little Word at the moment is be yourself because she is all about living her most authentic life. A fun fact about Stephanie is that she loves pancakes and has won a pancake eating contest! She is half Venezuelan and half Swiss and lives in New York City with her husband and daughter.


Kitty is a certified life coach, yoga teacher, and reiki healer. Her favorite Little Word currently is practice; which you can replicate with our customizer! She believes practice, not perfection, makes progress. Kitty’s favorite self-care practice is any kind of movement to help her connect back with her body - whether that’s yoga, dancing or just jumping up and down. A fun fact about Kitty is that she loves to sing. She lives in Mexico City with her husband and cat.

The CWO’s first lesson for you this year is to help you get ready for the new year by setting your affirmations. Affirmations are an excellent way to reinforce or create a new belief that you want to have in your life. They help you manifest because they create and reinforce positive mindfulness around the life that you are creating. Having an affirmation for the year is powerful to help you stay focused and practice new beliefs in order to create a transformation. Even better, you can customize a bracelet with your word of choice! 

The Officers’ chosen affirmation for 2023 is “my intuition is always on my side.” They chose this affirmation to help you feel confident and empowered in 2023 no matter what you experience. Because intuition is our inner GPS, our sense of knowing that our inner confidence is always on our side. Affirmations are the most successful when they are repeated daily; wearing your word on our beaded bracelets makes a perfect daily reminder. Stéphanie and Kitty will be wearing their custom intuition bracelets all throughout 2023 to take the affirmation one step further and see it as a daily reminder. 

Want to learn more about affirmations and connecting to your intuition? Join their 2023 is the Year for Me workshop on 1/9 at 7pm EST. You’ll even get a special promotion for joining. 

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