Winter Neutrals Are Trending Big Time

The holidays are here, Nice Nation.

Best believe, we’ll be squeezing as much festive juice out of the most wonderful time of the year as humanly possible. Like, if you’re someone who puts your twinkle lights up the day after Halloween, just know this is a safe space for you. K? Now, onto the subject at hand…our brand new Love & Gratitude Collection

Listen, we love a classic holiday green and red moment. But does it go with every outfit? Absolutely not. So, we created a collection of heartfelt words in that elegant, neutral aesthetic you beg us for in the DMs. Mother of pearl beads. Crystals. Gold letters. Every material was meticulously sourced to exude a festive, winter ambiance in a way that’s versatile and chic. 

Wear the six new styles with your party sequins, a chunky sweater, or embarrassing footie pajamas. It doesn’t matter. They go with everything. Peruse the collection and find your faves. Needless to say, they also make incredible gifts. 

When you love someone so big, it’s immeasurable. We don’t like to pick favorites, but this beaded bracelet might win the “perfect gift” award. (Self-gifting is encouraged.)
Studies show that thankfulness leads to happiness, so we made this beaded bracelet. Wear it to remember all the good stuff in your life—both tangible and intangible.
Live in abundance instead of lack in this neutral-hued beaded bracelet, tailor-made for your soft girl era.
When life gets chaotic, breathe in, and float through it. With this neutral-hued beaded bracelet, peace becomes tangible.
Thoughtful gift givers: This beaded bracelet is for you. I mean, name one human who doesn’t light up at the sound of the words “You are loved.” We’ll wait.
Joy! It’s all around. Too busy to look for it? This neutral-hued beaded bracelet should help.