Just Be Nice

Hi Friends!

There are so many new faces around here these days, I can’t believe it! Today is the big debut of our new brand campaign and I cannot wait to hear what you all think about it! The campaign is all about something we live by at Little Words Projectthe importance of being nice.

When put so simply, I know this seems easy. However, I also know from my experience as a CEO, mother, wife, friend and more, that it can be harder than it looks…especially when it comes to being nice to ourselves.

Life has a funny way of making us question ourselves. We often doubt our capability, our strength, our purpose; and we start looking for validation in all the wrong places.

At Little Words Project, we believe the answer is to be nice. Be nice to yourself AND others. Because when you’re nice to yourself, you can then pass it on to a world that needs it now more than ever. It’s why our bracelets are made to be worn, loved, and eventually shared…bringing self-love and kindness to each person they touch. 

I always say that I created Little Words Project with the intention of starting a brand that served a greater purpose beyond just selling bracelets. I wanted  to build a community that represents kindness, self-love, collaboration, authenticity, and inclusivity. 

I’m so proud to see this community continue to grow and stand for what we believe in. It truly is a movement that knows no limits, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us all next. 

Thank you for joining us in just being nice.


Adriana Carrig, Founder & CEO