Welcoming Wedding Season

We hear wedding bells! As summer comes to a close, the wedding season is in full effect. Between celebrity weddings flooding our feeds, and the never ending bachelorette weekend invites, it can be a little overwhelming; so, we're taking the time to give you some pointers! Little Words Project has advice for the bride, for the maid of honor, and just about everyone else who is celebrating love!

So, you just got engaged. Congrats! We recognize just how crazy your life has probably become since your partner popped the question and because of this, we have a few tips on what to do next! First of all, treat yourself! Set the mood for wedding planning with our “Good Vibes” bracelet, or an item from our calm collection, like our “Breath” anklet, “Take it Easy” bracelet, or the “Peace” necklace. Wedding planning can be a stressful time, but these pretty pieces will help you keep your zen through it all. Our advice is to remember weddings are about love, so try not to get caught up in the details! This should be fun! P.S. get your maid of honor this MOH beaded bracelet because she’ll be your lifeline through this entire process!

Next up, let's chat about the maid of honor! If you’ve been granted this privilege by your bestie, we’re sure you’re feeling like the pressure is on. But, don’t worry-we got you covered! Start with gifting the bride a “Bride” bracelet because this really is her special time! The whole bridal party deserves to feel special and as a way to thank them for being involved in the bachelorette weekend, the bridal shower, and more, consider giving them a little token of appreciation! At the bachelorette party, maybe give them a bracelet that’s on theme; our favorites are the “Vibes” neon bracelet, the “Happy” pearl bracelet, the “Grateful” lucky symbol bracelet, and the “Ride or Die” silver plated bracelet. We are also obsessed with the idea of congratulating the fellow bridesmaids on a job well done at the end of the wedding ceremony with a “You F*cking Did It” sticker-how cute?!

Whether you’re a bridesmaid, a wedding guest, a groom, a mother of the bride, or truly associate with a wedding in any way, we have something you will adore within our Bridal collection! Our Mr. and Mrs. bracelets are an excellent gift to provide the happy couple at an engagement party because they can rock them throughout the whole engagement. The rest of the collection includes bracelets with words like “forever” and “I do Crew.” The happy couple will be sure to love any of these options! Little Words Project is truly looking forward to being a part of your special day!

Remember that when you select a Little Words Project bracelet or piece of jewelry, the journey doesn’t end there. Tracking your empowering word begins when you upload the code from your bracelet’s charm and tell us about yourself. Once you pass the bracelet on to someone else, they can add to its story. Your words and experiences can help inspire someone else, so come connect with us at Little Words Project!