August’s Big Impact: Buy From a Black Woman

The success Little Words Project has seen is a testament to the power one little word holds. LWP notoriously creates bracelets with inspiring statements spelled out in fun beads. The intention is to spread kindness or support to a friend, family member, or even a stranger by providing them with a little word they should be reminded of constantly. Some of our most popular words, which can be found in the best sellers bundle, are ones that inspire self love or provide strength to someone who might really be needing it. While this concept alone has a positive impact on the world, our Little Words Big Impact initiative takes the notion of bettering society to the next level.

Collection Of Inspirational Bracelets

Little Words Big Impact is all about giving back with kindness. LWBI is our year-round initiative supporting an incredible group of causes we love. Each bracelet gives back 25% of net proceeds to a different nonprofit. Through LWBI we are able to engage with partners who align with our values and share our goal to work towards a better future. 

Since August is National Black Business Month, we are extremely excited to collaborate with  Buy From a Black Woman and support a thriving community. This organization’s mission is to empower, educate, and inspire Black women business owners and the people who support them. For over 20 years, National Black Business Month has been a reminder to honor the heritage of Black entrepreneurship and to support Black-owned businesses in our neighborhoods. Buy From a Black Woman takes these efforts a step further and focuses on businesses owned by Black women.

Inspired by her own experiences as a business owner, founder Nikki Porcher is committed to helping other Black women build and sustain their own enterprises. Since 2016, the organization has been providing educational tools, financial support, and conscious consumer resources to help boost its members’ businesses and ensure they get the support they need to flourish.

For August, LWP is featuring the collaborative bracelet with Buy From a Black Woman that includes lava beads surrounding the word “Inspire.” The contrasting letter beads stand out to remind everyone who sees it that inspiration is all around us and that we can use our time and energy to lift others. Wear the inspirational bracelet yourself or gift it to someone who uplifts you or who is searching for more empowerment in their daily life. 

Inspire Bracelet

Remember that when you select a Little Words Project bracelet or piece of jewelry, the journey doesn’t end there. Tracking your empowering word begins when you upload the code from your bracelet’s charm and tell us about yourself. Once you pass the bracelet on to someone else, they can add to its story. Your words and experiences can help inspire someone else, so come connect with us at Little Words Project!