July’s Big Impact Campaign

Little Words Project has always been passionate about supporting causes that make a positive impact in peoples’ lives. July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, and we’re partnering with The Loveland Foundation to bring you a collection of three empowered and inspirational bracelets.

"The mental wellness culture of Black women and girls is now going through an awakening. We're creating a generational impact to break the stigma." The Loveland Foundation raises awareness of mental health and healing in communities of color, especially for Black women and girls. This unbelievable group also operates a therapy fund and voucher system that provides financial assistance and free mental health services to those who may need financial assistance, ensuring that everyone receives care when they need it most.

To raise awareness and support for The Loveland Foundation, we created three unique, one of a kind mental health bracelets and are donating 25% of the net profits. In addition, we’ve already donated $5,000 to The Loveland Foundation to show our commitment to the incredible work they do.

Love Yourself

Self-love might sound like a buzzword, but it’s an important process that involves treating yourself with kindness and appreciating all the ways you’ve grown in life. The Love Yourself mental health bracelet is designed to help you check in with yourself and recognize how far you’ve come. This style is a gorgeous combination of marbled beads, lavender iridescent crystal beads, and gold accents. Emblazoned across the center are the words “love yourself” to remind you and everyone you meet that mental health begins by embracing your inner awesome. 

Be Well

We all know the feeling of attending to other people’s needs before our own and getting worn out in the process. While giving to others feels good, it’s hard to do when we haven’t taken care of ourselves first. The Be Well is a simple, gentle reminder to invest in your own well-being. This mental health bracelet features delicate crystal beads in light pink, translucent gold, and milky iridescent white, along with gold accents, to create a soft and simply lovely piece of jewelry. The warm, soothing color scheme matches the phrase in the center.

I Am Worthy

It’s all too easy to get caught up in comparisons and doubts. Knowing and declaring your self-worth can feel like a bold move. And that’s exactly why the I Am Worthy bracelet is made with brilliant gold-plated beads that command attention. Wearing this mental health bracelet is a loud-and-proud statement of confidence in yourself.

Remember that all our mental health jewelry is part of an ongoing story. Track your word’s journey by uploading the code included on the bracelet’s charm and sharing your truth. Once you pass the bracelet to someone else who needs some inspiration, they can also register the code and contribute their perspective. As the bracelet continues to travel, it will help others learn to love themselves!