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Article: How to Build the Perfect Summer Stack

How to Build the Perfect Summer Stack

How to Build the Perfect Summer Stack

Make a splash this summer by conquering the heat with the perfect sizzlin’ summer stack! Elevate your bracelet game to complement your wardrobe this season and take on the hottest styles. Read below on how you can achieve this layered jewelry look with your personal favorites from Little Words Projects’ best sellers or new & trending pieces!

Why Are Stacked Bracelets So Appealing?

Bracelet stacks add one-of-a-kind flair to your everyday jewelry aesthetic. With the eclectic pairings, you can make a simple or bold statement based on your mood and apparel. From your grandmother’s tennis bracelet to a bangle received as an anniversary gift, the mix and match of sentimental pieces will remind you of cherished memories each time you look at your arm. 

The stackable bracelets from Little Words Project feature translucent and opaque beads in sky blue, bubblegum pink, beachy coral, and other eye-catching, flattering hues. You’ll even find styles with pearl and metallic accents. Letter beads that spell out encouraging phrases and words of affirmation adorn each piece, as well as a charm with our logo and a registration number.

Paired with jewelry you already own, our inspiring bracelet bundles will make your stack even more meaningful. You can also customize the stack bracelets with words that have particular importance to you.    

What Are the Elements of the Perfect Stack?

Putting on multiple bracelets until you create the perfect stack can seem like a daunting task—after all, you want the results to be unique and artfully composed. Arranging the potential picks side by side on a flat surface lets you eliminate and add bracelets and reorder the stack until your stack is authentically you. 

While browsing through your jewelry box and choosing the perfect pairing from Little Words Project, it’s best to narrow the search to bracelets that have at least one element in common. Wearing multiple bracelets that feature the same metal finish, gemstone, or dominant color creates a sense of cohesion and uniformity within the stack.

The placement of the stacked bracelets matters, too. For instance, pairing a skinny bangle next to two wide bangles can create a lopsided effect. The arrangement also causes bolder pieces to overshadow the dainty, subdued ones. To create a sense of balance, place a few thin bracelets on either side of a chunky bracelet or between two wider bracelets. 

To prevent the stack from tangling, a beaded or chain bracelet should always be anchored by a rigid piece, like a bangle or cuff.

Let Us Help You Create the Perfect Stack!

Opting for premade and custom jewelry from Little Words Project lets you breathe new life into your bracelet stacks while supporting a good cause and bettering your community. From “Keep Going” to “See The Good,” the phrases on the bracelets are meant to prompt the wearer to be kind, supportive, and encouraging of themselves and others. 

The charm on each bracelet features a code, so you can register your jewelry on our website and share what the word means to you. Over time, you can pass the positive message on to someone who needs it and encourage them to update the registration. As more people wear the bracelet and update the site, you can track the message as it provides them with support.  

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