BREAKING: We’re In Our Luxury Era!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the commotion, Nice Nation, but this is huge…

Our Little Words Project universe is expanding into…*say it with us*...LUXURY. JEWELRY.
We set out to create the high-quality, just-for-you staples you deserve. Jewelry you wake up excited to wear at a price point that doesn’t trigger migraines. People told us it was impossible. But, as some of you know, proving naysayers wrong is our favorite sport. ;) With that said, we are over the moon to introduce: Little Layers! A collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, and (of course) bracelets—handcrafted in luxurious 14k gold vermeil.

Gold Vermeil: The Cliff Notes
If you’re like, “girl, what in the world is vermeil?”, we got you. Pronounced ‘ver-may’, vermeil is a level-up from the standard gold-plating process. Our vermeil features a high-quality sterling silver base coated in a thick layer of 14k gold. Translation? Luxurious, tarnish-proof shine. Infinite wearability. Ver-may we take your order? (Sorry, had to.)

Care Instructions for Long-Lasting Shine
Show your Little Layers some kindness by storing them in a jewelry box between wears. For long-lasting shine, we recommend investing in a soft polishing cloth, and steering clear of water, perfumes, soaps, chemical cleaners, or extreme heat.

Jewelry Layering, But Make It Approachable
Little Layers uncomplicates the art of jewelry layering. We made sure each piece works well together and with any of the Little Words® in your collection. Play! Experiment! This is nice girl math. There are literally no wrong answers.

Final Thoughts (Don’t Skim Over This)
Little Layers may fit the “luxury” description, but unlike those precious, heirloom pieces you save for a special occasion, they’re made to wear daily. Why? Because just being you is an occasion. Period.

Stay kind,

Team LWP