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Article: Fearless for Fall

Fearless for Fall

LWP is definitely not afraid to do the most this fall..we are saying yes to chokers, pearls, crystals, and all the Y2k vibes. Consider this your first lesson of the back to school season: more is more! If there is anything we learned this summer, it's that we don’t have to be scared of trying bold trends. Which is why we’re taking inspo from the neon colors and statement clothing we sported through the summer months, and taking risks this autumn. Nothing allows you to make a personal statement more than a bracelet that actually spells out how you’re feeling; and Little Words Project has the exact bold mood you want to show off.

Mixed Metals

Thanks to the clean girl aesthetic we’ve seen taking over our feeds this summer, we know how critical our gold and silver jewelry has become. This trend features a bare face and a simple slicked back bun that makes a gold hoop or a silver necklace really pop. Wearing a mixed silver and gold bracelet stack will perfectly compliment the simple elements of this trend and most importantly, let the words themselves be the boldest part! Some of our favs for this mixed stack would be the “Be F*cking Nice” gold plated bracelet, the “Keep Going” silver plated, or the “Make Magic” gold plated-lucky symbols bracelet. Or, if you have a word in mind that would really make a personal statement, try out our customizer! You pick the word and we create the piece! 



Honestly nothing makes a statement like a pearl. From Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf to Clueless’ Cher, pearls are the iconic it-girl accessory. This fall, we’re embodying the traditional pearl look, but adding some spunk. Try our Custom Pearl bracelet to add a personal twist to the classic bracelet style. Adding your name, favorite place, a funky adjective, or literally anything you want will make you stand out in the best way! If you want to add a pop of color to your pearly white stack, we recommend trying our “Believe-pearl” bracelet, “Happy-Pearl” bracelet, “F*ck it-Neon vibes” bracelet”, and more!

Return of Y2K

This autumn we are taking a trip down memory lane all the way back to the early 2000s with our Lucky Symbols and Neon Vibes collections. Pinks, yellows, blues, greens, and purples that pop are key elements for this look. Just because the leaves are turning does not mean you need to toss the color aside as well. Be bold! Try wearing our “That’s Hot-Neon Vibes” bracelet to not only be colorful, but to have a constant reminder of one of the Y2K icons, Paris Hilton. Other styles that will give you a cool edge are our “peace,” “balance,” and “lucky” bracelets.

Choker Necklaces

Our last tip for being fabulously fearless this fall is by bringing back choker necklaces. Our line of signature necklaces features styles ranging from classic cable chains made for layering, to edgy paper clip chains. In our opinion, the more necklaces, the better! Leave your fears in the past this season and try out the choker you’ve been waiting to wear. We can’t think of many accessories that would be cuter with a choker than a bracelet stack. Try our “Calm” collection bracelets if you want tame colors to neutralize your fun choker.

Share your story with LWP

No matter what styles you wear for fall, your word journey is an essential aspect of your Little Words Project experience. To track your word, simply upload the code from your bracelet’s charm and share a brief story about why it’s meaningful to you. Once this is done, you can track its journey long after passing the bracelet on to someone else. Check back often to find out how many people the word inspires along the way!

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