Track Your Word

Learn how your act of kindness inspired others

The Little Words Project helps everyone celebrate their inner strength and share what they’re most proud of. In addition to wearing words that represent your unique goals and identity, our bracelets allow you to make an impact on the people around you. Registering and tracking your word lets you tell an important story and see who else it reaches. The simple process begins when you enter the code from your bracelet’s charm on our website and eventually gift it to a new wearer so they can do the same. 

We make it easy to search for your specific word and see how far it travels. Using the search bar, you can track every bracelet by the tag number, a wearer’s name, or even a location somewhere along its journey. 

One of the best ways to see the impact of a word is by meeting other little words’ lovers like you who uploaded personal stories about their own journeys. We hear from so many different voices, from individuals and friends to couples and extended families—and everyone has a memorable experience to share. 

Every time you register a word, it starts a journey that you can follow and becomes part of a unique story with each new wearer.