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Article: Mental Health Awareness Month x Little Words Big Impact

Mental Health Awareness Month x Little Words Big Impact

Hi Nice Girls!

Our fan favorite Little Words Big Impact initiative has just gotten even better! Little Words Big Impact is Little Words Project’s year-round initiative supporting an incredible group of causes we love. Each bracelet gives back 25% of net proceeds to a different non-profit. The latest, extremely exciting addition to this collection is our I <3 Therapy beaded bracelet made in collaboration with Project Healthy Minds. This bracelet is launching May 1st to commence and celebrate Mental Health Awareness month and will be available all year long. You can shop this impactful and beautiful beaded bracelet on and in stores!

I <3 Therapy Bracelet

Project Healthy Minds is a non-profit intended to create a new era of mental wellness. The organization aims to provide accessible mental health services to everyone. According to, mental health is, “a crisis worth confronting. 615 million people live with a mental health condition globally. 60% of people don’t get the support [they] need. $1 trillion in costs to the global economy [is] from lost productivity due to depression and anxiety.” Project Healthy Minds has been created to help this mental health crisis and be a valuable resource for those in need. PHM is helping these people get the help they truly need by ending the negative stigma associated with mental health issues. They are talking about mental health more and more to show just how many people are affected and to ensure society that you really are not alone in these feelings and conditions; and those who talk about it and seek help end up feeling happier in doing so. Project Healthy Minds is also developing technology to help bring victims of the mental health crisis together. Having platforms for people to communicate, relate and build relationships is crucial for those who are struggling. Seeing that they are not alone is such a valuable result of Project Healthy Minds and something Little Words Project’s community reciprocates and appreciates exponentially. Finally, Project Healthy Minds is emphasizing the importance of employee mental health by reframing the way businesses view mental health and making the crisis seen by them. In turn, corporations are finding it non negotiable to care about employee, and customer, mental health.

Project Healthy Minds offers an extensive list of resources and categorizes mental health concerns in a way that is comprehensible and inviting for consumers. If you are feeling constant anxiety, you can select the “anxiety” emotional state and then choose if you want to focus on sleep, exercise, meditation, or many other coping strategies. The PHM site links out to further resources that are experts in that exact category such as apps like Headspace and Calm. We hope our Little Words Project family will take advantage of Project Healthy Minds’ platform. Together, Project Healthy Minds and Little Words Project are grateful to be here for you with encouraging words, safe communities, and more all Mental Health Awareness Month and beyond.

XO, LWP Team 

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