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Article: Little Words Project’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Little Words Project’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Hi Nice Girls!

Father’s Day is around the corner and we know that shopping for dad can definitely be a challenge! Whether the men in your life have everything or want nothing, they seem to be the hardest people to shop for-especially for Father’s Day! Little Words Project wants to make this experience quick and easy for you. We are going to help guide you through gifts for the dad, gifts for the grandpa, and gifts for the husband. 

Gifts For Dad

Little Words Project knows you are asking yourself “What should I give my Dad for Father’s Day?” Luckily, we have the answers! The perfect gift for your father this holiday is our Dad beaded bracelet. The bracelet is in a gorgeous bead pattern called Happy Dance that consists of round wooden looking beads, black smiley face beads, and black letter beads. The look of this bracelet is ideal because it is masculine and sleek while also being playful and goofy at the same time… and honestly, that’s what dads are all about! The simple word makes this gift extremely easy to pick out and will make any father happy. We can promise you that the father in your life will be beyond happy to wear this bracelet and beam with pride to open up such a thoughtful gift. If you want to give him some options or help him start a stack, we recommend adding a custom word in our Men’s Lava stone pattern on the customizer. Using the customizer is an excellent way to make your Father’s day gift sentimental and personalized. You can write your name on it, your last name, your favorite lesson he taught you, or really whatever your heart desires. If you have a dad who made you a really confident person, how sweet would it be to create a bracelet that says “confidence”? 

Gifts for Grandpa

Grandfathers also deserve love on Father’s Day! Getting a present for a grandfather on Father’s Day can be very challenging considering they probably do not want to receive a thing, but some time together. Getting them a beaded bracelet is an excellent small gift that means a lot without being a huge monetary commitment-meaning it’s Grandpa approved! We would recommend gifting the grandfather in your life a Strength bracelet because there is not much stronger than a grandfather. They have successfully raised children who are now raising children and that is not an easy feat. We know they will adore their Little Words Project bracelet!

Gift for Husband

Husbands who have become Fathers deserve so much love on Father’s Day - especially if they are soon-to-be fathers or first time fathers! A great gift idea for a husband if you are expecting would be the family bracelet. Starting a family together is beyond special and deserves recognition! For the first time father, a really special gift would be your child’s name on a custom bracelet! Two brand new custom patterns have been added to our customizer and will include black letter beads to make the bracelet have a more masculine, simplistic feel. We know your husband will love wearing his little one’s name on his wrist! 

XO, LWP Team

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