Gifts To Make Any Swiftie Swoon

Hi Nice Nation!

It’s not a merry Swiftmas until you unwrap a stack of friendship bracelets. Facts are facts. But these aren’t just any old friendship bracelets. ICYMI: Our friend Lance Bass (yes, the frosted-tipped ‘90s boy band icon) passed Taylor Swift HERSELF a stack of Little Words Project friendship bracelets on the VMA stage. No, we’re still not over it. Give the Swifties in your life one (or all) of these bracelets and they won’t be over it either. 

An iconic bracelet to mark whatever era they’re in with confidence.
When it comes to gifting a Swiftie, we don’t know how it gets better than this. 
Gift this and tell them they can leave the Christmas lights up til January. (If they’re a Swiftie, they’ll get it.)
Taylor said it best: Make the friendship bracelets. Add a word that signifies their era, pull from one of their favorite lyrics, or draw inspiration from the bracelets Lance Bass gave Taylor at the VMAs!