5 Gifts To Make Your Ride Or Die Cry (Tears Of Joy, Obviously)

Life is a wild ride, Nice Nation. The twists, the turns, the inevitable traffic jams. But when you’ve got a true friend sitting shotgun, the bumps in the road feel far less fatal. Plus, they know your music taste so you can trust them to handle playlist duties. We digress.

Consider this blog post our not-so-subtle reminder to show your best friends some love this holiday. Not many people will roll with you until the wheels fall off. The ones who do deserve to be celebrated. And these 5 fail-proof gifts will make even the toughest of your friends shed a single happy Hallmark movie tear.

For the friend you’ll ride with 'til the wheels fall off.
For the friend who can look at you and immediately know what you’re thinking.
For the friendship so adorable it makes your life feel like a ‘90s sitcom.
For the friend who has the same weird TikTok algorithm as you.
For the friend who knows a little too much. (You know the one.)