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Article: Celebrating the Beautiful Diversity of Motherhood

Celebrating the Beautiful Diversity of Motherhood

Celebrating the Beautiful Diversity of Motherhood

However you mom, you deserve to be celebrated. Some stay at home, some go to work, some cook, some order in, some do it alone, some have a village, however you mom, we celebrate you. 

We honor moms, grandmas, sisters, best friends, and neighbors who play nurturing roles in our children’s lives.

We celebrate the mess, the noise, the sloppy kisses. The unfinished laundry, the random hugs, the fighting, the laughing, the sun-kissed adventures,

As Chief Wellness Officers of this incredible woman-led brand, we want to share that we see your strength, your determination, and your unwavering love. You are the heartbeat of your home, the rock on which your family is built.

For me, Stéph, a mom of a 2-year old gorgeous girl (from the inside out!), I am reminded every day of the joy all around me through her eyes. I am inspired by my daughter Dylan Joy to be present, to continue to focus on my growth, to fill my cup and to be the person she sees me to be. 

As for me, Kitty, I hold the honor of being an aunt, nurturing the lives of my nieces, nephews, and the children of my cherished friends. Whether it's playing ghosts in the graveyard, practicing yoga together, or inviting them over for cookies at my place so their moms can finally enjoy that much-needed haircut appointment.

Some moms have angel babies who have transitioned to heaven, like Stéph experienced a few years ago, and some moms-to-be are waiting to get pregnant and their own babies.

Every mom has her own unique story and today, we want to celebrate the diversity of motherhood, reminding us that while our experiences may vary, our love for our children unites us.

So, to all the mothers reading this — know that you are seen, you are appreciated, and you are celebrated. 

This Mother's Day, take a moment to honor yourself. Reflect on your journey. Smile at the triumphs. Learn from the struggles. Embrace the messy, the noisy, and the chaotic because that's where the magic of motherhood lies.
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