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Article: Activating Our Little Words in Community: A Retreat Experience with Little Words Project

Activating Our Little Words in Community: A Retreat Experience with Little Words Project

As Chief Wellness Officers at Little Words Project, we were honored to guide the incredible Nice Nation community through a transformative wellness retreat nestled in the heart of Miami's vibrant Wynwood district. The day unfolded as a day of self-discovery, empowerment, and community building against the backdrop of Wynwood's colorful streets.

We started the day with empowering words from our fearless leader, Adriana Carrig. Together, we reflected on the profound significance of the seemingly 'little words' adorning our wrists—words that serve as powerful reminders, aligning our actions and desires every day.

At our retreats, the connections and sense of community fostered throughout the day provide a safe space to explore our deepest desires. This day felt no different. In the workshop we led  titled “Spring Renewal” which was designed to guide us all to envision our aspirations for our careers, relationships, and health for the upcoming season. 

We incorporated practices such as reiki and guided visualization. These sessions empowered us to manifest our dreams and confront any fears that surfaced along the journey, with the aid of EFT Tapping and guided exercises to translate dreams into actionable steps.

A highlight of the workshop was the opportunity for us to craft our own Little Words bracelets at the adorable Little Words Project store in Wynwood! We each were able to choose the word that resonated most from the intention-setting workshops to help serve as a powerful reminder and encouragement of what we’re most wanting to create in our lives.

As the day unfolded, we deepened our mind-body connection through a rejuvenating yoga and breathwork practice, fostering a sense of inner peace and balance. This serene ambiance set the stage for a soothing sound bath led by Johanna Da Ru, an experience that left everyone almost melting into the ground.

We concluded the day with a heartfelt closing ceremony, providing us all with the opportunity to reflect on our experiences and strengthen our connection with our Little Words bracelets by activating our words and committing to ourselves in creating our most joyful lives!

For all who attended, the retreat was an unforgettable journey—a chance to connect with like-minded individuals, gain clarity on their goals, and embark on a path of self-discovery and empowerment. 

As Chief Wellness Officers, we feel privileged to have been a part of this transformative event and look forward to guiding more individuals on their journey to wellness and fulfillment in the future!

Kitty & Stéphanie
Little Words Project Chief Wellness Officers

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