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Article: Words Our Mothers Taught Us

Words Our Mothers Taught Us

Words Our Mothers Taught Us

Hi Nice Girls!

This Mother’s Day we wanted to emphasize the importance of community especially when it comes to the support needed to raise a child. Anyone who raises a child knows that it is a tough job to handle alone. The saying goes, “it takes a village,” and here at LWP we want to be a part of your village. 

“I think having a village is important because no one can do this alone. It takes all your friends and family to raise a child. You're going to need so much help. The more people you have, the better it is.” - Abena

“I just feel like, sometimes, as a mom, no matter what stage of motherhood you're in, it is just so hard to kind of have a village and have enough support. I feel like it's so easy to just feel alone in this journey, and it just takes so much to raise a child that it is just so hard at times and it can be very lonely, just so challenging and exhausting working.” - Emily

The LWP team reached out to moms who were kind enough to open up about the struggles of motherhood. These moms went viral for the fact that they felt that they didn’t have a village. In the digital era, we are surrounded by people who are having experiences similar to ours, but can be hesitant to make the jump to build that community. As we feel everyone should have a community to fall back on, we invited them to our headquarters in New Jersey for a day of pampering to honor their dedication to being a mom. 

It is so important to recognize that being a mom is hard and that you are not alone in how you are feeling. We had a weekend full of fun activities planned for the mamas and their kiddos, and a chance for these moms as well as the moms of LWP to bond. We wanted to give these moms the space and opportunity to build a connection with moms who were feeling the same way they were. The idea of community is a pillarstone of LWP, communities are there for support, something we hoped we could lend for at least just a weekend.

The theme of this weekend was words our Mothers taught us. We asked each mom what word their mom taught them that has carried over into how they raise their children. These are the words that they will pass on to their children in the future, and we loved hearing the meaning of each word from all of the women.

“My mom calls me ‘mi vida’. Terms of endearment in Spanish are so beautiful because you’re saying ‘my life’ ‘my love’ and your kids are really the love of your life.” - Natalia

“Something my mom taught me… ask for help. I’m the type of person I don’t like to ask people for help.” - Kowanna

When the group first arrived on Friday, all the moms and their little ones visited the office for a tour, bonding, and a private bracelet-making session. Beading a bracelet can be so relaxing, and will serve as a memory of the community formed this weekend. Everyone was treated to manicures and dinner with the LWP team and Adriana that night. 

On Saturday, everyone woke up bright and early to head back to LWP HQ for a full glam session. As everyone deserves to be pampered every once and a while, we provided hair and makeup for all the moms to prepare them for the shoot. Looking and feeling your best is something that you don’t always get to do as a mom, so we wanted to make the day extra special for them. The mamas & the LWP team then headed to the studio for a full day of shooting before the moms and their kids flew home.

“It's been so amazing to see all these moms come together from all different walks of life and have them here and really be their village for the weekend.” - Lauren (VP of Marketing, LWP)

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