LWP Congratulates the Class of 2023!

Hi everyone!

Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2023! Graduating is such an accomplishment and we truly hope your Little Words Project beaded bracelets helped inspire you throughout your years of hard work. Whether you are a graduate or know someone who is graduating soon- we wanted to provide you with the perfect Little Word® for graduation! If you have been wondering what to give as a graduation present, our Class of 2023 beaded bracelet is the perfect gift! Let’s  break it down and curate the most perfect stack for any graduate including this new limited edition bracelet. 

Class of 2023 Bracelet

For parents of graduates: If your child is graduating this year, you must feel so proud! Award your graduate with our fabulous Class of 2023 bracelet! We think this beaded bracelet would pair perfectly with some of the bracelets from our Family collection. Our best seller Family would be a really special reminder for your child as they embark on their next adventure to always remember their loved ones. The neutral colors and pattern of the beads are amazing for any look and will be great during college years and beyond. Looking down at their wrist and seeing the word family is the perfect solution to feeling homesick! Another perfect match for this bracelet is the Love You Friendship duo pack. Gift this to your child and their friend or sibling to help them stay close during college. This set could also be a really cute matching mother and daughter moment. 

Love You Friendship Duo Set

For friends of graduates: Looking for the best graduation gift that’s perfect for every grad party on your calendar? Look no further than our Class of 2023 bracelet! To help make each gift feel more personal, you can pair this bracelet with one of our custom beaded bracelets! Our customizer has so many options. Some custom ideas are: your friends name, their future major, the year, their new home state or city, their new mascot, plus so much more! This is such a great way to keep your friendship going strong as you embark on your future journeys. Finally, it could be really special to get your friend a bracelet that is relevant to the career they are hoping to enter one day! This is a great motivational reminder to chase their dreams and keep working hard no matter what. Our You Got This bracelet is a classic one too for any graduate. 

Custom Waterproof Gold Bracelet

Once again, we are so proud of all of the graduates in our Little Words Project community and are eager to see what you accomplish next wearing your Little Words! Remember to pass on your bracelet to someone who needs it more and to keep this kind community going. You got this!

XO, LWP Team