Faith Over Fear- Metastatic Breast Cancer


Faith is having the courage to believe what the eyes cannot see. 

Wear or gift this beaded bracelet as a reminder to choose faith over fear. 

25% of the net proceeds from this bracelet will benefit METAvivor to help fund metastatic breast cancer research.

More about METAvivor: Dian “CJ” Corneliussen-James founded METAvivor. Originally diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer, she was among the 30% of early stage breast cancer patients who have a recurrence as Stage 4, also known as MBC. In 2009, she became a Founder of non-profit METAvivor to raise funds for MBC research and trademarked the tri-color ribbon of green, teal and pink. Green represents the triumph of spring over winter, life over death, symbolizing renewal, hope, and immortality while teal symbolizes healing and spirituality. The pink ribbon overlay signifies the metastatic cancer originated in the breast.

A special thanks to Tami Eagle Bowling, Co-Founder, @METAvivors of NJ for helping design this bracelet. At the age of 41, with no family history, she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC). Upon diagnosis, she decided to turn her energy towards advocacy to make a difference for future generations. While she is a full-time motivational speaker, Tami generously donates her time to volunteer for organizations like METAvivor that fund MBC research grants. “Every day I strive to keep my faith stronger than my fear and focus on living in the present.”

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• Hand-crafted, crystal beaded bracelet
• Plated brass hardware
• Elastic stretch bracelet
• Handle with care - do not wet
• Prop 65 compliant