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Little Words Big Impact Bracelets

A year-round initiative supporting an incredible group of causes we love. Each bracelet gives back 25% of net proceeds to a different nonprofit.

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Our Partners

Shane Windmeyer
Shane Windmeyer
Campus Pride

When Campus Pride founder and executive director Shane Windmeyer attended college in the early 1990s, life for LGBTQ college students was lived mostly behind closed doors. It would take the work of LGBTQ advocates and allies to make societal acceptance bloom — work that continues to evolve and be necessary today and into the future.

Harry P. Lynch
One Tree Planted

Since its inception in 2014, One Tree Planted has facilitated the planting of over 135 million trees in 82 countries. I am proud to serve as the President and CEO of One Tree Planted, but even more proud of the impactful work our organization and partners have done regenerating forests, enhancing biodiversity, and uplifting communities worldwide through the simple act of planting trees.

Jenneh Rishe
The Endometriosis Coalition

Jenneh Rishe has been a Registered Nurse for 15 years, working in many different specialty areas such as internal medicine, trauma, kidney transplant, oncology, and leukemia/bone marrow transplant. It took over 4 years, but Jenneh's medical background gave her the knowledge and skills to navigate how to finally get good care after she was diagnosed with endometriosis. With her love for healthcare, education, and teaching, she felt inspired to use her abilities to help other women understand the disease better.

DeNora Getachew
DoSomething is the digital hub for youth-centered activism. For 30 years, we have activated over 8 million young people ages 13-25 to do something to make an impact on the most pressing issues of our time. We provide the opportunities, skills, and tools for young people to start their civic journey and collectively change the world by taking action together as part of a community of changemakers.

Elizabeth Frattura
Elizabeth Frattura
The Stork Foundation

My Passion for the infertilty community began with my own personal journey to conceive. Despite all the stress during IVF, having access to afford the treatments was a blessing. The Stork Foundation provides financial grants to low resource individuals to cover costly infertility treatments that would otherwise be out of financial reach.

Allie Brudner Brumel & Bri Majsiak Paige More
Allie Brudner Brumel & Bri Majsiak Paige More
The Breasties

Paige, Allie, and Bri were all in their 20's when they met. They each had different experiences with cancer, but were brought together while seeking community. The Breasties was born as the first all-inclusive nonprofit that creates community for survivors, previvors, thrivers, and carevivors, impacted by breast and gynecological cancers.

Adriana Carrig
Adriana Carrig
Herself Co.

Adriana Carrig created Herself Co. to provide young women with the tools they need to be more confident and compassionate. The idea behind Herself Co. came from Adriana’s own experience having to build her sense of self-worth and self-love as she navigated the difficult transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Kelly Sawyer Patricof & Norah  Weinstein
Kelly Sawyer Patricof & Norah Weinstein

We started Baby2Baby ten years ago, serving 500 low-income children out of a tiny space with just the two of us and one intern. Because of the support of our incredible staff, Board and Angel group, donors and sponsors, Baby2Baby has distributed 200 million essential items to more than one million children across the country.

Yael Cohen Braun & Julie  Greenbaum
Yael Cohen Braun & Julie Greenbaum
Fuck Cancer

Yael Cohen Braun founded Fuck Cancer after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Julie launched F*ck Cancer in 2010 to honor her mother who she lost to ovarian cancer. In 2015, Yael and Julie merged to form one unified nonprofit dedicated to the prevention and early detection of cancer and to ultimately improve health outcomes.

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