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Join the kindness revolution.

Joy- Sunkissed Dreams

Bead Pattern: Inner Tube
Sale price$25

Treasure the small things.


Nothing says joy like a kid in the summertime. There’s late bedtimes, long bike rides, and lots of ice cream. Channel that nostalgic summer break energy and remember to look for the little bits of joy in every day.

Connect. Live. Give.
Connect your bracelet for exclusive access to Nice Nation's online community. Enjoy early access, exclusive offers, and connect with fellow members. Follow your Word's journey as you pass it on to someone who needs it more. A win all around!

Joy- Sunkissed Dreams Bracelet
Joy- Sunkissed Dreams Sale price$25

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A Little About Our Products

A Little About Our Products


We offer custom designs for a word that's unique to you. Just choose a crystal or stone bead style and craft a message up to 13 characters.

Built on Kindness

Our bracelets are made to be worn, loved and shared—bringing self-love and kindness to each person they touch. Wear your Little Word™, then pass it to someone who needs it more.

Lifetime Warranty

Little Words Project® offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our products. Simply ensure your bracelet is connected and send us a picture of the damaged item.