Handle anything that may come your way with our Essentials collection that showcases meaningful words and signature styles. Whether you’re feeling strong, sweet, inspirational, or playful, you can find the perfect beaded bracelet for yourself or someone special as a quick pick-me-up. From gratitude to strength to love, each word symbolizes an idea to embrace kindness in life and to bring that energy everywhere you go!

Our best-selling word bracelets include:

  •  “Grateful” in Creampuff, an understated and delicate color pattern that goes with everything

  •  “Strength” in Bluestone, a rich blue palette that will keep you feeling grounded

  •  “Love” in Arrow, with soft blue, pink, and clear crystal beads for an everyday romantic vibe

These bead bracelets feature our iconic tags that let you connect the word online and track its journey. Just enter the code on the charm and tell us a little about yourself. Once you’ve conquered your word, you can pass it on to someone else who needs it. They can then add their name to the bracelet’s connection list and share why the word is special to them. Check back frequently to follow the impact of your word and the people it continues to touch.