A Halloween Moment... Happy Monday!

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Happy Monday, Nice Girls! We hope you all had a blast this weekend, but more importantly, we hope you all got a chance to download our app! As a quick reminder, our App has officially launched and we are ecstatic for you to see it! The app combines all elements of our identity as resident Nice Girls, and provides you with a space to meet other girls, share and comment on stories, send bracelets, share photos, and interact with our entire Little Words community. So, if you haven’t already, head over to the app store and download it- trust me, you’re going to love it!

Since today is actually Halloween, I think it’s important for me to give you girls a bit of insight on the reality of this holiday:

Halloween is, as we all know it, a day to dress up as something completely ridiculous, take pictures, and have fun with our friends. But guess what? Halloween is on a Monday this year… BORING. So, the only thing we have to think about today is the Candy…and NOT eating it! How do we do this you ask?

Simple...Don’t be the house that says to kids, “Only take one!” Nope. Instead, be the house that gives it all away, has none left to spare, and has to turn kids away because all your candy has already been taken! You’ll thank me later when you have no candy to pick on tonight. 

Here are some hilarious/adorable animal memes that reminded me of why I love Halloween. Because what's more fun than pets dressed up for Halloween/ pet owners who understand the humor of a confused animal in a costume. Enjoy! 

"So Spook"...

This feels so wrong, but so right at the same time. 

One of our Nice Girls, Alex, is obsessed with Harry Potter. I had to post this for her sake.

It's the tongue that got me...

Look at this guys face. Sheer misery.

The fact that they got all 4 of them to stand still next to each other, a true Halloween miracle.

This isn't anyone's pet. I don't think. But come on people...

Try to tell me it's difficult to get a dog into a costume. Imagine a Guinea Pig...

Guys, the dog is standing on the door of an oven. Fully embracing the "baked pugtato" look. Genius.

This guy looks exactly like my old dog. All I can think of is Bruno in this outfit. Boy he would HATE me for it.. but something about this dog looks sorta, relaxed, and slightly proud? Like "yeah I'm a Mister Softee Icecream Truck. Who wants sprinkles?"


Get out of my way, unless you have guac, then you can come.

All this guy is missing is the sauce.

And speaking of animal costumes, here is a picture of my dad, Principal Grippo, dressed up as a giraffe for his school's Halloween parade, for posterity. Exhibit A. 

Hope these pictures gave you girls a nice little laugh on this Halloween Monday.


1. Go download our App if you haven't already. NOW!
2.  Don't eat too much candy today. We all want to, but let's try to leave it for the kids so we won't be full of regret this week. 
3. DM us pictures on the @Littlewordsproject Instagram page of your pet's costumes, because clearly, we like animals in costumes. 

Happy Halloween, Nice Girls! 


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